In 2020, we helped 5169 students be placed in 589 companies at a combined annual salary of ₹75.6 crores

How Genskill helps

Genskill benefits all stakeholders in the engineering education ecosystem. Our goal is to bridge the gap between industry demand and talent supply, ultimately enhancing India’s engineering outcomes.


Streamlined placement process

Improve placements & industry connect

Equip students with industry-relevant skills


Gain skills to enhance career & placements

Access courses, assessments, internships

Network with fellow engineers & communities


Get access to detailed, verified student profiles

Easily make data-driven hiring decisions

Ease on-campus interviews & remote tests

Bringing 21st century technology to a decades-old problem

Thoughtful UX

As easy-to-use as any modern app on your phone.

Purpose-built AI

Constantly learning & improving, to help students do the same.

Enterprise-grade security features

Your data is safe, protected & backed up.

Seamless updates & support

Get the benefits of latest technology & new features.

Partners who trust us

Developed by engineers, for engineers

Our founders, Noufal & Asif, have years of experience in Silicon Valley & India. They are deeply passionate about Indian engineering and helping it reach its true potential.

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Noufal Ibrahim
Asif ETV