1.5 million engineers graduate in India each year. Only a small percentage are deemed employable by industry – Ministry of Human Resource Development, India

Genskill has been founded to solve this problem. It is an integrated platform built for the Indian engineering college ecosystem, bringing students, colleges and companies together.

Genskill bridges skill-gaps by identifying industry requirements and augmenting students’ education with on-demand courses & continuous mentoring. We do this with a combination of technology, content, data and insight. 

The true strength of the platform is bringing all three stakeholders together: giving us better insight as each feeds off the others. We believe this will have a positive effect on not just placements and education, but Indian engineering as a whole.

Our mission is to help India’s engineering talent reach its true potential.


will enhance reputation among industry and potential students. They get greater insight into their own students’ skills, and a more meaningful placement process.


will be able to find jobs that best match their skills, and find better ones by upskilling. They become industry-ready and transition to professional life easier.


will get more talent that best meet their requirements. This helps them build better products and solutions, and move from being executors, to innovators.

We are a mission-driven company. Read about our values, here.

Genskill’s features

The platform can be easily accessed via the website, or mobile apps.

Easy to use

We’ve built Genskill with familiar gestures, icons and actions so it’s as easy to use as any app on your phone – whether you’re a student, placement coordinator or recruiter.

Purpose-built AI

Genskill gives custom course and skill recommendations to students, while going beyond placement automation for colleges and companies.

Enterprise-grade security features

The privacy and confidentiality of your data is of utmost importance to us, and with our features is safe, protected & backed up.

Assured updates & support

Our product team constantly works on features and fixes to help you get the benefit of new technology. A dedicated support team is just an email or call away.

Content by real engineers with industry experience

Genskill is developed and maintained by engineers like you. All content is rigorously developed and vetted by a team of experts

Built to be compatible

We want you to be able to focus on your work, not learning to use a new tool. Genskill is easy to use and implement in your life, whether you’re a student, college or company.

For specific features on how Genskill can help, please see the below links.

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The Team

Genskill is being passionately built by a team led by Noufal Ibrahim & Asif ETV, who have decades of experience in technology and business, and more importantly, in the engineering ecosystem.

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Asif ETV

Founder & Business Head

Noufal Ibrahim

Founder & Technical Lead