The Genskill Effect

Genskill bridges skill-gaps by identifying industry requirements and augmenting students’ education with on-demand courses & continuous mentoring. We do this with a combination of technology, content, data and insight. Our Aim is to make your Students will find jobs that best match their skills, and help them find better ones by upskilling them. Through our tailor made courses we intend to make your students become industry-ready and avail a smooth transition into their professional life.

Full Stack Engineering Bootcamp + Placements for Fourth Year Students

Job focused Bootcamp to upskill and make final year students job interview-ready. This is an intense course specifically designed to equip the whole batch of students with the Programming Skills necessary to get hired by our Partner StartUps. It will teach the participants the basics of how the programming world works and then how to develop web based applications from scratch and deploy them. The main attraction of the course will be two projects – One guided project and the Self-Paced project that gives students a deep dive into professional real life scenarios.

Third Year C Programming Course + Real time Interview Prep Support

A lot of students don’t have the necessary skills to attend an interview or prepare a resume. This has adverse effects on their chances even if they are technically strong. This course teaches them those skills using live sessions and recorded videos and quizzes

·       Programming Quizzes

·       Resume Preparation

·       Real Mock Interviews

First Year & Second Year C Programming Course with KTU Problems Solution

Our tailor made course tries to teach students that using a simple web based language scratch as a vehicle. Our online course will introduce the basic ideas of C language to the students and help them write small programs using it.

Our Course teaches advanced concepts like pointers, arrays, structures and memory management to the students using a variety of modern tools available on a modern UNIX system. We will also help participating students to solve problems which are usually asked for the KTU C examinations.

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