Genskill is built by engineers, for engineers.

We are a team of passionate folks, deeply entrenched in the Indian engineering ecosystem. We are well aware of its current limitations: we faced them as students, and we faced them while on the industry side. This insight and experience places us uniquely to help solve these problems.

Our goal is to help Indian engineering achieve its full potential : By upskilling students, by empowering colleges, and helping companies make better data-driven hiring decisions.

Our leadership

Asif ETV

Co-founder & business head

Asif has varied experience in various product, technology and management roles for close to two decades. He headed business development at Hamon Technologies, a firm specializing in AI/ML, Cloud, Automation and Technology advisory. Prior to which, he was a product leader for the IoT platform at Renesas Electronics in The Bay Area, including inventing a PaaS offering. He has held various other roles ranging from management consulting, to R&D. He is a computer science graduate of NIT Calicut, and an MBA from University of California’s Haas School of Business.

Noufal Ibrahim

Co-founder and technical lead

Noufal is a well-known and respected name in the Indian development community, being among the top 0.29% of contributors to Stack Overflow. He is an active member of the Python community, and founded the PyCon India conference in 2009. In his 15+ years in software, he has played various roles ranging from freelance web development to co-founding Hamon, a software services company specializing in automation and infrastructure. He has worked across large organizations like Cisco and non-profits like The Internet Archive. Deeply passionate about education, in 2013 he founded what would become Lycaeum, an edtech startup focussed on solving the skill gap problem in engineering. This would evolve to Genskill, a completely digital platform.