Given the sensitivity of the data we deal with, we have taken utmost care to make sure it’s safe, secure and backed up. For this, we use enterprise-grade security protocols and infrastructure.

How does Genskill handle the data of institutions, students and is companies?

Genskill handles the data from all three stakeholders with utmost care. No data entered into our systems are shared with any third party. We don’t use the institutions’ data for anything other than the purposes intended by the software in making your experience on the platform better such as recommending courses, students etc. Each party can choose the data it would like to make visible to the public through the configuration buttons made available.

Will I be able to download the data entered into the system?

All data entered into the system are downloadable as CSV (comma separated value) files and is a feature provided by the platform. Buttons are provided to download student data, company data etc. This will make it easy for you to migrate to any other systems you want if you decide to leave the Genskill system.

Will you use the data of companies that I enter into your system, to recommend other colleges or for any other purposes?

No. When you invite a company to the Genskill portal, the company is given a unique credential to enter into the system and will have visibility only to your institution, and our own team will not have access to it. However, a company may decide that it wants to use Genskill for interacting with other campuses. This is no different from companies finding the contact details of the placement officers from the websites of the institutions.

What if I have more concerns about Genskill and its employees handling the data?

We get into an agreement with the institution where the data handling clauses are mentioned. If anything more is needed, we can discuss this and address specific concerns. We are already handling this process for institutions such as NIT Calicut, and for other institutes, we have signed an MoU where data handling clauses are explicitly mentioned. One such clause has been mentioned below.

The details of the institute, companies and students in the Genskill  database will be maintained with utmost confidentiality. The information (in the form of messages, personal data, photos, communication etc.) shared by the institute with students and companies will not be misused for any purpose.

Will my institution lose control if I use Genskill?

No. In fact, the system will ensure continuity of the placement process and will remove issues such as placement officers moving out, new placement officers coming in etc. The system will capture data such that anyone coming in new can really understand and see the notes made by previous placement officers for companies, students etc. This removes the dependency on Excel sheets, and personal folders on individual  computers. The thought of your institution losing control is the same concern you may have about losing control over your personal emails by relying on providers such as Google Suite. You can rest assured that Genskill works with institutes in their best interests.

What if Genskill does not have all the features that I want now, or has some bugs?

Out of the box, Genskill addresses more than 80-90% of the requirements of institutions, from our experience. All institutions have few unique requirements which the Genskill team works with the college to address. Also, some features are in Beta stage and the software may occasionally find issues with some platforms (for example, with certain versions of mobile phones or operating systems). We have a team at Genskill dedicated to fixing glitches and constantly updating the product with newest features to ensure an overall smooth experience for all users.