Third Year C Programming Course + Real time Interview Prep Support

A lot of students don’t have the necessary skills to attend an interview or prepare a resume. This has adverse effects on their chances even if they are technically strong. This course teaches them those skills using live sessions and recorded videos and quizzes

·       Programming Quizzes

·       Resume Preparation

·       Real Mock Interviews

First Year & Second Year C Programming Course with KTU Problems Solution

Our tailor-made course tries to teach students that using a simple web-based language in three months. Our online course will cover the basic ideas of the C language to the students and help them write small programs using it.

Our Course teaches advanced concepts like pointers, arrays, structures, and memory management to the students using a variety of modern tools available on a modern UNIX system. We will also help to participate students solve problems that are usually asked for in the KTU C examinations.

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