Being entrenched in the education space, Genskill is driven by values we will not compromise on. These are not just fancy words to put on this section of our website, but things we deem essential to be able to build what we hope to.

We call these the Genskill Innovation Principles.

Hiring great employees 

For us, a passion to make a change matters more than pedigree. We believe great ideas and solutions will come from great people. “Hire good people and get out of their way” – Reid Hoffman, founder, Netflix.

Learning success from failures 

We know that along the way there will be mistakes, and we want to encourage risk-taking, without which we will not have innovation. But we are zealous about learning from these mistakes, and constantly getting better.

Challenging the status quo 

This is important when working in a space that has not changed for decades. We believe that 21st century thinking is needed to solve 21st century problems. As technologists, we never fall short of saying “why not”?

Thinking 10x, yet starting small NOW

To give a modern spin to an ancient proverb, every great software started with a single line of code. Every day when doors close, we make sure we’re one step closer to our ambitious goals than we were when they opened.

Building a platform

The problems of the current education system cannot be solved unless we involve and get input from all stakeholders. Every step we take needs to benefit all of them. Towards this, we’re dedicated to building a transparent, powerful three-way platform.